Swamp Water Fumez

OGKB 2.1 X Sherbanger

Whether seeking creative inspiration or unwinding after a long day, Swamp Water Fumez provides a versatile and enjoyable experience. Swamp Water Fumez offers the bold taste of fuel along with sweet and fruity notes and is characterized by small, dense buds loaded with frosty trichomes.

Flavor Profile:

Swamp Water Fumez has the perfect fusion of sweet, fruity notes and robust fuel undertones.

Bud Characteristics:

Buds are small and very dense, with vibrant orange hairs weaving through the dark green landscape. The bugs are coating with a generous layer of trichomes, ensuring a potent and visually striking experience.


As a hybrid strain, Swamp Water Fumez offers a well-balanced experience that combines euphoria, relaxation, and a gentle uplift, making it a perfect choice for many therapeutic needs.