Ember Cookies

Sherbanger X 09 Animal Cookies

This unique hybrid strain marries an earthy richness with a subtle menthol undertone, creating an enticing flavor profile that sets Ember Cookies apart. The medium-sized golf ball-shaped nugs, adorned with bright orange hairs and a generous coat of trichomes give this strain excellent bag appeal.

Flavor Profile:

Earthy notes provide a solid foundation while the subtle hint of menthol adds a refreshing twist. The result is a nuanced and sophisticated flavor profile.

Bud Characteristics:

Ember Cookies has medium-sized round buds and a rich dark green hue. The buds are coated in a generous layer of trichomes, creating a sparkling frost that speaks to its potency and quality. Bright orange hairs weave through the nugs, adding the perfect pop of color.


Ember Cookies offers a well-rounded experience that combines the euphoria and creativity associated with sativas, coupled with the relaxing and calming effects characteristic of indicas. It's a versatile strain suitable for various occasions.





Dominant Terpenes:

  • caryophyllene

  • myrcene

  • limonene