Candy Fumez

Zkittlez X Sherbanger

Indulge in the sweet allure of Candy Fumez, an indica cannabis strain that delivers an ideal blend of Zkittlez sweetness and fuel undertones. With medium-sized golf ball-like buds, this strain has beautiful bag appeal with its deep green hue and trichome-laden exterior.

Flavor Profile:

Candy Fumez has a mouthwatering flavor profile reflective of the Zkittlez strain, accompanied by subtle fuel notes that transitions seamlessly into a lingering creamy finish, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable flavor experience.

Bud Characteristics:

The buds of Candy Fumez are a medium-sized golf ball-like structure exhibiting a rich, dark green color throughout. A heavy coating of potent trichomes adds the perfect sparkle.


Candy Fumez invokes deep relaxation and tranquility. The euphoric onset gradually transitions into a soothing body high, making it an ideal choice for those seeking relief from stress, tension, and insomnia.





Dominant Terpenes:

  • Pinene

  • Limonene

  • Caryophyllene